Friday, January 28, 2011

friday at the shop

Working on a new project with a fun young family! It's an addition of an open kitchen and living room surrounded by windows looking out onto the backyard. Marble counters, kitchen island being painted in wildwood crest #1538 ben moore, painting wood walls in elmira white #HC-84, kitchen cabinets in white dove with the insides elmira white.

Obsessing over the Suzanne Rheinstein fabric that would be insane to use for all the curtains. Insanely expensive too. Even loved how it looked with the teal gourd lamp that arrived at the shop yesterday!
Also working on a downtown row house living and dining room. So far we've got a grasscloth wallpaper with metallic threads and roman shades made of textured raw silk. Gorgeous.

dying to use these metallic leathers by Moore & Giles and amazing pleated fabric from Oscar somewhere...

Now we're off to NYC for market!
We'll let you know next week about all the great stuff we find. Maybe a little of this from John Robshaw...

Or these fun patterns and prints from Oomph...

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Number Four Eleven in Southern Living Weddings

Thank you to Southern Living Weddings for the kind mention about our wedding monograms in this months current issue!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wedding Monograms

Since we've been posting photos of wedding monograms... I thought I would put up a couple of my own. With the help of Emily McCarthy's great graphic design ability and my industrial embroidery machine, this is a taste of what we came up with. Call the shop or log on to either or to create your own monogrammed wedding.

Photos courtesy of Emma J Designs, Karena and Katie Photography

Monday, January 17, 2011

Number Four Eleven in Lonny Magazine

Make sure to check out this months issue of Lonny Magazine. One of our pretty slate blue box silk pillows with a monogram made the pages. Situated on the bed of a creative manager at West Elm, this pillow adds a personal touch to the colorful space. Please log onto our web site or call the shop to create a pillow of your own!

Photograph courtesy of Lonny Magazine

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Design Duo

Together, with Emma J Designs we now offer a full modern day wedding monogram program. You can create a one of a kind monogram to embellish your invitations, accessories and more. All of the designs can be screen printed and or embroidered on almost everything. Dinner napkins, pillows, cups, aprons etc. Contact Emma J Designs at or to get started!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rainy Day

Don't you just love those rainy days
They can be enjoyed in so many ways
Listening to the rain as it pitter patters
Calms you down, soon nothing matters

Pounding on roofs with deafening dins
Pausing momentarily then again it begins
While you lay there wondering
If the next lightning heralds even louder thundering

Look at your poor dog as he lies there quivering
He is not cold but still he is shivering
Remember as a child you too were scared of thunder
So you hug your dog while the clouds split asunder

You enjoy the change because rainy days are few
Rain cleans the air and washes everything everything anew
All smells fresh for the next sunny day
To wait again for the arrival of another rainy day.
- Barry Williams
The nasty weather is giving us the oppertunity to brainstorm for the spring! We are off to market soon with the hopes of returning with boatloads of new goodies. stay tuned...