Monday, November 16, 2009

Cashmere 101

Characterized by its soft fibers, cashmere provides a natural light-weight insulation without bulk. Pure cashmere can be dyed and spun into yards that are then knitted into many fabulous high end items. For centuries, Italy, Scotland, England, and Japan have been known as market leaders of the luxury product. The finest cashmere on the market now comes from Magnolia. Mongolian goats must endure extreme weather. Freezing winters and dry hot summers. Nature supplies the answer with a layered, downy coat of supple fleece providing insulation. In the Spring, the overcoat is combed to expose the fine cashmere fibers underneath. Those fibers are collected and spun into gorgeous sweaters, blankets, hats, mittens etc... At Number Four Eleven we sell gorgeous cashmere items to accent your home. Providing style and comfort, our cashmere throws are available in an assortment of colors that could accent any room. Undyed cashmere is most commonly found to be gray, brown, or white. At the shop you can find cashmere in grass greens, spa blues, burnt oranges and more. (see color chart above)
Here, a gorgeous lilac cashmere throw has been used to cover a bench at the end of a bed. You can take what may be a tattered old item and cover it with a throw to give it revived look such as this. The throw not only provides a pop of color in the room but it brings a relaxed look to the uniformity of the room.
Here, the preppy look transfers from the back of an ivy-leaguer to your living room. Add a monogram to a solid color to add some personalization to your throw. It also helps bring together all the other navy blue accents in the room.

A very sophisticated look. A coral colored cashmere throw is accented with a heirloom monogram. You can create one of these monograms for yourself at . Check out the samples of some of the gorgeous monograms under custom designs on the monogramming page.
Ah, the ever so classic Hermes cashmere blanket. Available in an assortment of colors, these timeless, luxurious, colorful and coveted blankets bring a great deal of flair to any room. Above, Kelly Wearstler used the lime and turquoise color way of the blanket to complete her son's room. Lucky kid.

A cashmere pillow with a hand woven cashmere monogram. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous. Check out to view all of her over the top beautiful cashmere items.

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