Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cherry Blossoms and Obama ?

How fitting...
Number Four Eleven and the National Mall are in full bloom with cherry blossoms and Barack Obama is in the lane?
Unannounced, Whitaker and Jones Lane became a scene from The American President.
Quickly and quietly Special Agents and The Uniformed Division, dressed in conservative attire, barricaded the area with large SUV's and government vehicles.
Obama was scheduled to be having lunch at the ever so famous Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House.
With all the excitement brewing it was hard not to recognize just what people (including the President of The United States) will do for Mrs. Wilkes fried Chicken! Number Four Eleven being situated right on the corner of the lane provided great stadium seating for such a momentous event.
Here are some pictures of the Prez O, his entourage, and the lovely cherry blossoms in the shop.

A view of the Presidential State Car from the inside of the shop. Appears as if I'm in jail...

The Savannah PD and Secret service from the front window. (notice the cherry blossoms)
The man closest used our bathroom!

The loads of people across the street jockeying for a view of the action.

Secret service contemplating what style monogram they want on their lapel pins.

President Obama leaving... saw his head but wasn't quick enough to grab the shot... but hes in there!

The Presidents Cherry Blossoms...

Our Cherry Blossoms... they light up though!
A new spring display in the shop.
Beautiful table linens by Sferra and gorgeous Bespoke monograms by Number Four Eleven.

Display in the front window. Lovely antique silk chaise lounge and boudoir pillow by Lulu Dk for Matouk. Pretty cherry blossoms illuminate the window at night.

Hand embroidered cherry blossom linens by Sferra.

A close up of the hand painted glasses and embroidered linens with cherry blossoms

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Barbara said...

Great reporting!! That's being in the right place at the right time!