Monday, May 24, 2010

Bunny Williams

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of spending the day with one of the top names in the world of design, Bunny Williams. She along with her husband, antiques dealer John Rosselli, recently received the acclaimed Etoile award from SCAD. Bunny was in Savannah to speak about their passion for collecting, interior design, and living. During our time together, Bunny shared with me a great deal of insight into her world and how the luxury home front has elevated her into the celebrity realm.
She explained the importance of learning every aspect of your industry. How she began as a Secretary and worked her way up becoming a decorator at Parish-Hadley Associates. She high- lighted how extremely important it is to know what it is that you are speaking of. Know your furniture, know your the classics. She laughed when she said she even knows now how to install sound systems... her job is that detailed. Bunny spoke about her relationships with clients. She said she knows right from the first meeting how things are going to go. Good or bad. She keeps the husband as involved as the wife. He may pay the bills but he also sits in every chair and eats at every table. Attention to detail is what sets her design firm apart from others.
At dinner Bunny shared tips about arranging furniture and how one chair out of place can ruin an entire room . She actually discussed coming back and teaching a class about furniture design. Sign me up! She thought it would be clever to fill an over-sized room with a mixed bag of furniture and see what the students would do with it. Very clever.
Being in her presence I learned how she became one of the top names in the world of design, art, and style. You realize how hard she worked to be published in such publications as House Beautiful, House and Garden and, Town and Country. Not to mention her own slew of books and a new one one the way. "A Scrapbook for Living" due out this fall. Last but not least...Bunny became a new customer of Number Four Eleven. During her visit to the shop, she purchased LuLu DK's new floral bedding called Charlotte for her bedroom and some amazing custom monogrammed bath towels. Just like the day, the bedding is going to be amazing.

Bunny's new book "A Scrapbook for Living"

Matouk bedding by LuLu DK in Charlotte.
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What an informative post. Thanks for sharing your day with Bunny. It's always inspirational to learn from the greats.