Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scarves & Beach Bags

This week some amazing stuff has arrived...beach tunics, bags, scarves, jewelry, art, throws, antique furniture and more! Over the next week, we'll post about everything new and try to update the website too. We've been working around the clock to rearrange the shop to make room for all these new goodies and create some fabulous new displays, so we'll share those too!

Medallion Cotton Beach Tunic
Available in a Taupe & Yellow print.
Super light for summer! $42 each.

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Reversible Cotton Medallion Beach Tote
Available in Coral & Taupe and Taupe & Yellow
22" x 14.5" x 17"

This textured bamboo wrap is tempting to touch. Made of rayon from bamboo fiber, this scarf is not only divinely smooth, but also eco-friendly! Bamboo is a naturally self-replenishing resource, grown without pesticides or chemicals. They are super lightweight and perfect for a summer night!

They are available in Khaki, Cream & Black. $78 each.

The Echo Textured Bamboo Scarf if also perfect for a summer's lightweight and so soft.
Available in Coral, Grey, White & Black. $68 each.

Image: Echo Design, Number Four Eleven

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