Wednesday, October 20, 2010

49th Street...Dining Room Before

In August, we started on a project on 49th Street for my sister-in-law and her cute young family. We gave you a quick glance into some ideas and inspiration for the house. The Dining Room was one of the first things that we tackled. Check out these hideous before pictures. YIKES. When they moved in, the walls were a powder blue with bugglegum pink and blue checked curtains (if you look closely you can see the window on the right has weird short curtains that stop in the middle of the wall!). The plaster cornices were faux painted and monogrammed. Lots and lots of stuff everywhere.

So those were the CRAZY before pictures and here is how it's coming along. Getting everything out of there and a clean coat of paint made a HUGE difference. This is the first layer...the paint, rug, table and chairs. In the next few weeks, we're going to add the light fixture, curtains, sideboard, lamps and accessories. The last stage will be adding a couple of upholstered hostess chairs and some artwork on the walls and maybe a mirror. Stay tuned!

We started out with Soft Chamois by Benjamin Moore, which turned a little green with the light, so we ended up with Sea Pearl. It turned out gorgeous!

Here were some original samples when we were throwing out colors and ideas. She wanted a clean, airy and natural vibe. Lots of light and a little beachy, but still fitting with the 1914 Ardsley Park brick house.

This was a dining table and set of chairs we saw at the Atlanta show. Loved the washed wood look and loved that it was in stock to ship within 3 days!

This is the 9x12 jute rug we choose. The color variations can hide a lot of spills (great in a house with 6 year old twins!) and it feels yummy on your feet.

Another picture of the table and chairs...

Tomorrow I'll show you some after pictures...

Photo credits: Benjamin Moore, Number Four Eleven, Zentique

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