Monday, October 17, 2011


Decorating with maps has been a consistent trend in the design world over the past 2 years, but lately I've noticed a shift towards vintage globes, rather than maps. They're a great way to add an old world feel to a space without making it seem too traditional and stuffy. An antique globe can you run for thousands of dollars so check your local garage sales, Craigslist, or vintage shops for a total steal.

Now for a little shameless self-promotion - take a look at some of our latest inventory, these mini vintage inspired globes.

Practically everyone that has walked into the store has commented on these little guys. So cute, right? And don't fall off your chair when you read the price... $12.50 each! You know, people always say to start small when it comes to curating a collection.

And now, a little decorating with globes inspiration for you...



- Kathryn

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