Monday, November 28, 2011

Gift Guide - Monograms

Take a look at your calender. Only 3 weekends left to shop before Christmas! Unless you're one of those crazy last minute people that is out shopping until doors close on Christmas Eve...this post isn't for you. Anyhow, the point is, it's time to focus on your holiday shopping. Thanksgiving is sadly over and it's time to get some get some exercise in - that is, for those that consider shopping a sport. So now, every Monday until the holidays, we're going to list a few items we have in the store that would make great gifts, so read on. We'll start with the monogrammed items this week as you'll want to put your order in ASAP to make sure it's under your Christmas tree in time.

First and foremost, you want to grab a bag or two before they're gone. They barely stay on the shelves, especially around the holidays. We have a few varieties of them -

First up is the classic burlap tote with ties, $28 for the bag + $15 for the monogram.  

For a more modern look, try the Natural Jute Shopper Tote. You can choose from one of eight monograms and thread colors to personalize your own, for only $25! Totally affordable.

Same deal with this bag, the Jute Overnight Bag, except this one is bigger - it actually fits a rolled up yoga mat perfectly. $25 and it's yours!

Next on your shopping list should be another No. Four Eleven classic - the monogrammed linen pillow.

$75 + $50 to monogram it with one of our standard monograms or, get creative and work with us to create your own monogram for $100.

Now onto your table, our top sellers right now are the SFERRA Festival Linen Napkins. We have added all 101 color options to the website finally. Another item you'll want to place your order for sooner rather than later as we don't carry the colors in stock, we'd be crazy (and out of space) if we did. Buuuut, they look pretty fantastic with a monogram. Also, keep in mind they're machine washable...I've noticed that people are too afraid to actually use the napkins that they buy, especially when they're monogrammed. Seriously people, if you're going to do that, you'd be better off framing them and putting them on the wall as decoration.

$11.25 per napkin + $15 for the monogram for each. We usually sell them in sets of 4 or 8, so you're looking at $105 for a set of 4 monogrammed dinner napkins.

If you're looking for something a bit more casual and fun, take a look at our pom pom throws. A steal at $60 and you can add a monogram for $20. Right now we have two orange blankets, one in blue, and a few white ones and one in a beige-y/off-white color on the shelves.

Pretty enough on it's own...

...but way better with a monogram.

Speaking of things that look better with something else, who likes a tissue box on it's own? Stylishly cover it up with a tissue box cover from Matouk.

And here it is, with a monogram. Honestly, who thought of this? Genius. $39 for the cover + $15 for the monogram. This would win for most unique gift.

Okay, that's all I will share with you today. Five ideas which all happen to be for under $125. If you want some more ideas of things to monogram, check out our bath linens, all of our bedding, and our table linens. Oh and don't forget the rest of our pillowsthrows, and I haven't even mentioned our baby gifts. It's probably best you spend the next 20 minutes looking through the entire website, you know, just to be thorough.

Stay tuned for our gift guide for those with a tight budget, with no budget, and then a gift guide for those with no time budgeting skills with our last minute roundup of great gifts. Might as well bookmark/follow this blog now, we promise to be well worth your time.


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