Friday, January 27, 2012

2 (Not So Broke) Girls.

Anyone else out there love the new CBS show 2 Broke Girls as much as I do? I think it's one of the funniest new shows out there this TV season. I was a little be weary when I heard about the plot, but I watched one episode and was hooked. The humor is dry and sarcastic and the comedic timing is spot on. Basically, the show is about two broke girls (one has always been broke, the other is newly broke has-been trust fund princess) that are trying to start up their own cupcake business while working the night shift at a Brooklyn diner. You can read the full description here for more background info. Bottom line is...these girls are struggling.

So now picture me, sitting on my couch, watching the show about two girls who are making minimum wage + tips that always talk about how poor they are, when I spot some bedding that I can't even afford! Okay, that's a lie, I can afford it, but it's not a purchase I would just make on a save up to invest in stylish bedding.

This is the scene I'm talking about. See all those pretty linens? I love this bedding by Roberta Roller Rabbit! It's actually totally affordable the more I looked into it, perhaps I was just caught totally off guard because I work for a store that sells luxury bedding and we carry the Roberta Roller Rabbit line, which must mean it's on the more expensive end of things. Not the case though, you can get those pillow cases for $40 each, and the euro pillows behind them for $75 each! The matching sheets are also a great price at $140 for a flat and fitted. So, if you're interested, let us know, as we carry her line we'll work out a deal for you.

As for that hanging pink chevron rug? I originally thought it was a classic Madeline Weinrib rug, but now I think it's not...the scale seems off, no? I mean, it can't be, shouldn't the set decorators keep some things realistic?!

Anyhow, just thought I'd share that. Can't wait for a new episode in two weeks! 



Judy said...

Kathryn, I just saw where you are following my blog and I'm so honored! I love yours! Also, we're going to be in Savannah from Feb. 16-20 so I'll definately be checking out your store.

And my hubby says to tell you his favorite store is 2 broke girls!!!


daninotes said...

Love this show! I have to get to SAV to see your store...just never seem to make it over there. Some day soon!