Friday, January 20, 2012

The Art of Carol Benson-Cobb

This is another great find from my trip to Atlanta last weekend...The Art of Carol Benson-Cobb. Here's how she describes her art - "Painting since childhood, Carol’s work has developed into 'abstract colorization'. It is based on the feeling created within a color palette with an emphasis on the way colors touch, layer and affect one another. Her vision is to create a mood within the art, adding a hint of a landscape element or focal point, usually evoking a feeling of fluidity and emotion. Her intentions are to never fully define a scene but to lead her viewers in the use their imagination and own life experiences to fill in the gaps…"

We have several of her canvas pieces arriving in a couple of weeks to the shop. They are so gorgeous and I think one (or two) may end up at my house. Check out how beautiful they are layered with antique mirrors. Wouldn't that look so good above a fireplace? And they are priced really well, with most pieces under $500!



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