Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Finds...

Being the dedicated designer that I am (ha!), I like to keep up with my design magazines every month. These finds are from some staples that circulate around this place - Southern Living, House Beautiful, and Country Living.

We'll be carrying a few pieces from this beautiful lighting company, Ro Sham Beaux, that makes their fixtures just down the road from us in Charleston. Pretty, eh? I promise there will be a blog post with more deets about them once they arrive, but we were so excited to see one of their fixtures in the February 2012 issue of Southern Living!

Claire scored these awesome antique trunks a few weeks ago and we're so impressed with the quality of them, considering their true antiques. They're all still for sale too! From top to bottom they are $210, $225, and $188. You know how you see something once and then you keep seeing it everywhere? That was the case with these trunks.

Classic use of antique trunks as a side table in the March issue of House Beautiful.

Steven Gambrel tucked some trunks under an end table in the space featured in the February issue of Southern Living.

A little different but just as stylish - trunks for storage on top of existing storage. Talk about making the most of your storage space, seen in the latest issue of Country Living.

Now on an unrelated note, you know monograms are our thing, so I was pleseantly surprised to see this quote from Charlotte Moss in the March 2012 House Beautiful

"Monogramming is an old-fashioned art, but one that ought to be kept alive forever".

No further elaboration necessary.

Have a great weekend! 


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