Friday, February 10, 2012

Linnea's Lights in Men's Health magazine...

Yes. Men's Health. You read that correctly. It has been brought to my attention that one of our favorite candles has made another list of Best Valentine's Day Gifts.

They've got some smart editors working at that magazine. I would be thrilled with one of these as a gift on February 14th (hint, hint!). Linneas Lights are great for so many reasons - 2 wicks, soy based, recycled packaging, cute matchbox included, and the most wonderful scents. We've got a bunch of these that we burn on rotation and they make the shop smell aaaamazing. If only I had a dollar every time someone walked in and said, "it smells so good in here!". Seriously, I'm not exaggerating like I usually do.

Cashmere is definitely our best seller, can't keep them on the shelves! Actually, some of our best customers are salon owners, so you know a candle is good when they keep coming back for more, and then their clients come to buy it after they smelled it while getting their hair done.

I never thought I'd ever read about candles in Men's Health but it was a very nice surprise. Most of all, I hope the men that read about these candles place their orders here. Don't forget to enter in the code 'LOVE' for 15% off at checkout.

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