Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paintings as good as gold...and silver

Artist: Bert John
Location: Savannah, Ga

After completing the graduate Interior Design Program at SCAD, Bert John immediately started painting and working regionally.  He has been featured in local and national publications such as Southern Living, and on national television programs.  Bert draws inspiration from antiques, art, travel, culture and people, but it was his coastal upbringing that has made the greatest impact on his art.   

These strikingly beautiful paintings are oil and gold/silver leaf, and even more amazing in person! Come check them out for yourself :)

Nocte (12x24") $550

Obscurum (12x12") $325

Pluvia (16x16") $700

Prasinus (12x12") $325

Viriden (8x16") $325

Savannah (24x48") $1450


therelishedroost said...

They are gorgeous! Love the gold leaf base!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...thanks so much gals! Love the post. xo Bert