Monday, October 19, 2009

A Chair of all Trades

A chiavari chair, pronounced (shih- vah-ree) is a versatile party favorite as well as an accent chair that can be dressed up to fit in any space. Most commonly, the chiavari chair is refered to as a "ballroom chair" or a "wedding chair". Their small scale (most of them only measuring 45" high x 14"wide) makes them ideal to use in front of a vanity or chest. This brass chiavari chair is the most common of its type, stemming from Italian roots. The bamboo chiavari chair is made of wood. These are used at events such as weddings. They can be painted to coordinate with a scheme or slip covered. In some cases, ribbons, flowers, or a cushion can be added to the chair to dress it up. This Lucite chiavari. A modern take on the traditional... very cool.A perfect example of a chiavari chair used as a desk chair. Petite but pretty. Every day usage... black painted chiavari chairs.

Even next to a large upholstered piece the chiavari chair has a great presence. Small in size, but large in impact. This is a photograph of Trina Turk's Palm Spring store that was designed by KWID.

Photo credits (KWID, Domino).

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