Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Robert Redford in Savannah

Lucky for us at Number Four Eleven, Robert Redford's new movie "The Conspirator" is being filmed around the corner from the shop.
(Redford on the stairs at a house around the corner from the shop)
The film follows the extraordinary trial of Mary Surratt.
Surratt was a lone woman among those charged with conspiring to kill Abram Lincoln.
Our little neighborhood has become a trip back in time as the streets have been made to look like a scenes from the 1860's. Cobblestones and pavement are now covered in dirt and the actors are all dressed in civil war attire.
(Women in Civil War attire)

If you are in the neighborhood be sure to look for James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn who are staring in the film.
Filming in Savannah is due to end in December.

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Riviera View said...

Can I just say that love Robert Redford...I guess I can and just did. You girls are lucky to have him in your sights. I hope he comes into the shop to say hello.