Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Find...

I just unpacked these guys this morning and I had to share them with you. It might only be October 28th but it feels, err...smells, like Christmas in here!

The scents du jour are Forest Fir, which smells like what you'd think forest fir would smell like, and Winter, which smells like a really nice vanilla blend. These candles are all natural and burn for 60 hours. Each candle is hand crafted and packaged in recycled materials, printed with soy inks and hand stamped. Fun fact for you - a cute little matchbox is included with every candle!

Did I mention the price? 35 bucks a pop or a set of 3 minis for $34, not bad, eh? Perfect last minute hostess gift during this soon to be crazy busy holiday season.

Have a great weekend, new stuff coming next week! Stay tuned.

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