Monday, November 21, 2011

Decorating with blue & white...

Some of my happiest days are when I open my mailbox and find my favorite magazines sitting there just waiting to be poured over during my next free moment. The December/January issue of House Beautiful was the first one to catch my eye this morning. Take a look at the cover below...

A pretty neutral cover but I love the pops of blue, especially the blue and white porcelain. I saw that stool and thought it was the exact one we have in the store! Once I got to work I checked it out and realized we have a really similar one, but the scene is different and the colors are too. Good job, Kathryn, you're way off. I blame my blonde hair. Regardless, it's kinda close, right?

So that got me thinking about all of the blue and white porcelain kicking around this place, especially after I flipped through the spread on the cover house. It's pretty amazing. The abundance of blue and white porcelain acts as the common thread that ties the entire house together. The homeowners collection makes me think they could be borderline blue and white porcelain hoarders, in my opinion, but it definitely works for them. You should really pick up a copy of this issue, you won't regret it. Then, after you've flipped through the spread, you'll want some blue and white goodness for your own abode. That's where we come in.

We have a pair of these large ginger jar lamps that have a very similar landscape to the one painted on the stool on the cover, $480 each but so worth it. Email us to snag the two we have in the store.

(Please excuse the fact that it's sitting on the floor. They were sitting on these Derby side tables but they've been taken away on approval. Sidenote: blue and white lamps look really great on washed grey furniture).

I kept snapping photos of our products with my beloved iPhone, so check out all of the blue and white we can offer...

We have two of these blue and white porcelian jars.

 We have one of these ginger jars.

 These are the most adorable little blue and white lamps.

We have two of these taller blue and white ginger jar lamps, which look really great as a pair.

Now if your purse strings are tight but you still want some blue and white, may I recommend these?

Let's all let out a collective "awww!". Who can resist these cocktail napkins and guest towels? Made by Iomoi for Matouk, these have been a total hit in the store. 

There you go. No more excuses for a lack of blue and white in your home. The best part about blue & white porcelain? It never goes out of style so you know you're making a worthwhile investment!

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