Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mini GTL (get the look, not the other GTL).

Does this image look familiar? Thought so. Chances are if you've read a decor blog lately you've seen this image re-posted a hundred times. Well, here it is for the one hundred and first time. 

I first saw the shot in the November 2011 issue of House Beautiful. At a first glance I love the dark wall in one of my favorite Benjamin Moore colors - Iron Mountain. Contrastingly (yeah, that's a real word, I looked it up) anyone that knows me knows how much I love white, especially white on white on white, so I love the white lamps on the white marble top tables next to a white bed with white linens. Which brings me to the point of this blog - the bedding. I'm pretty sure it's not the floral-y, bird-y (not real words), colorful coverlet that makes the bed stand out, it's the bold monogrammed pillow shams. 

I always tend to lean towards more modern designs, so I like the super simple and clean lines of the black border. Although it's not done very frequently, I like just one letter on each pillow, and I like it even more when it's two different letters.

Do you like this too? Well, you're in luck, we can recreate this very look right here for you. I would suggest using a Matouk sham, which you can order by clicking this, with the same black on white color scheme. For some similar styles, try these: 




The next step is to go here and pick a monogram. Want us to design a custom monogram for you? Click this and shoot us an email. Then, once we have everything, we'll embroider the pillow sham right here in the store. Our girl Skylar is a total pro and they come out perfectly every time. 

So there you go. From the pages of House Beautiful right into your own home. Oh, and Christmas is in 39 days, might want to get on this ASAP if you're thinking about gifts!

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