Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Because even your dog needs to have something monogrammed...

This is how things have been working around here over the past few weeks - after one of our products is monogrammed, we try to remember to always photograph it to share the finished product with the everyone, so whoever has their iPhone/Blackberry handy snaps a photo quickly then wraps the item and then it's on to the next. Repeat until you have 25 outgoing boxes full of holiday orders. We're so busy around here that sadly, sometimes these photos live on our phones for weeks until we properly post or file them. I'm working on a better system, I swear. That being said, I can't express how great it is when you see one of our items beautifully styled and photographed. So when I saw this blog post, I was one happy girl.

Thank you, Libbie Summers, for making our day by featuring two blankets that we monogrammed for you on your recent blog -  Gifts For the Spoiled Dog.

Now back to work! Lots of things to do before I take off for a few days for the holidays, but I'll be back posting next week. The store is open every day through to New Years (except Christmas day) so stop by to pick up one of those last minute gifts or a hostess gift for that New Years Eve party you've been invited to. Or, do as Libbie did and indulge your pet with his or her very own monogrammed throw!

Happy holidays!

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