Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hurricane Claire.

Last week I walked into work a little late after an appointment and it looked like a hurricane had just torn through the place. To my surprise, Claire clearly had a burst of energy that morning and took it upon herself to rearrange the place. A couple of tourists walked by while we were mid-madness and asked if we were setting up shop for the first time. A few hours and a serious muscle workout later, we ended up with this:

 SFERRA napkins, upholstered chairs, candles, adorable clutches from ShopBlithe and the stunning oyster shell mirror.

 A little jewelry and a little Katherine Sandoz.

More Katherine Sandoz, cute stools, a classic sofa, and my favorite pillow in the shop.

We moved what I have now declared to be the heaviest display unit EVER. Seriously, it took Claire and I a good 10 minutes to move it 30 feet. It will now permanently live at the top of the stairs if I have any say in the matter. It still houses all of our table linens, but we added some accessories, a pretty lamp, and a beautiful piece by the very talented T.S. Kist.

Stop by and see the place for yourself! I'm sure if you pay Claire she'll come and do the same thing to your house. It's worth it, it feels like a whole new shop in here.

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Looks beautiful and I love my purses with the candles!