Friday, March 30, 2012

From the pages of House Beautiful to your home...

We love love love that House Beautiful featured a house that one of our customers, Lynn Morgan designed. We especially love the calls that came in about the products seen. We've gotten many about those beautiful seahorse pillows, pictured here:

Unfortunately, those pillows were accidentally credited to us, when it was only supposed to be for the green throw. However, we like to think we're pretty clever people around here so we came up with our own version of the seahorse pillow. We don't know who made them, but we'd be happy to make them for you. 

I spent a few minutes on Photoshop and came up with our own design. 

 Not too shabby, right? I would suggest the Libeco Linen Pillow in Natural, but we can embroider these guys on pretty much any pillow we carry. I wish we could get them to be the same size as the ones pictured, but with the way our hoops work, they have to be centered on the pillow with some breathing room around them. I still think the pillow looks great, but I may be biased. Email me if you'd like to order one! It will be $75 to apply this to any pillow - take a look at all our pillows and pick your favorite. We can sew this out in any color, take a sneak peek at our new thread chart and pick you color(s) from here.  

Any takers?



Judy said...

Hi Kathryn,

Shannon texted me a pic of her gorgeous it turned out! I'm so glad she got to come to your beautiful shop. Since it's taking me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get my 2nd post up about Savannah I'm going to do a post devoted to your store linking to your shop and showing her bag and mine.


hand painted by cheryl said...

I wanted to order a bag like Judy.E-mail me or let me know if I can. Thanks