Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two items of importance.

1. I swear this is the last time I'll mention that April issue of House Beautiful, but I have to share the final result of our efforts to recreate the seahorse pillows.

Not to shabby, right? This is the original one:

You can buy them on our website now, right here!

2. Speaking of the website, take a look at our new monogram page. This was quite the undertaking, but I'm so happy with the results. We've discontinued some monograms and added some new ones. The best part is that you can click on each monogram style and see what every letter looks like in that style.

See? How clever.

So, as wonderful as this new monogram page is, it's still a huge process to update the entire website with all of our monogram styles. Bear with us, please. If you want to order something from the website but the new monogram style isn't listed as an available option, please call us (912.443.0065) and we'd be happy to take your order. 

That all being said, I'm exhausted. This has been quite the project over the past few months. Off for a much needed long weekend and back with more monogram goodness next week. 

Happy Easter! 

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Haus and Home said...

Love your monograms! Such a great assortment! I love the ones with a vintage flair!