Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Here are some monogrammed goodies that went out this week!

 Cairo hand towels with silver trim
"Art Deco" monogram in silver and grey

 Libeco Natural Linen Napkin with a "Vintage Monogram"
Dark taupe thread

 New make-up bags 
"Standard" monogram with teal thread

 Navy Sferra Festival Cocktail Napkins
"Baroque" monogram in Light Green

 Libeco Linen Tea Towel
"Diamond" monogram in Navy 

 Custom-made orange linen pillow
"Vintage Monogram" in gray

Sferra Linen Hand Towel
"Eliza" monogram in white



Anonymous said...

Are your custom monograms now called vintage monograms? What happened to the girl that designed them before - the ones with 3 letters? Can she still do one for me? My email address is:

Thank you,

No. Four Eleven said...

Hi, thanks for inquiring about our monogramming! We are now offering vintage monograms. They are absolutely gorgeous and half the price. Let us know of you would like to see some!